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Blue Pea Flower

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Also known as the Butterfly Pea Flower, this herbal marvel is a mainstay in Thai and Vietnamese cuisines. Add a couple of blue pea flowers to your boiling hot water to create a rejuvenating blue tea, and adding a couple of drops of lemon juice will turn it purple. PS: This flower is the secret ingredient in Nasi Kerabu (Thai Blue Rice). Escalate your home cooked meals and herbal teas. Truly take them to the next level with Stemwater Farms’ Blue Pea Flower!

Health: Filled with significant amounts of the catechin EGCG, and anti-inflammatory and immune-boosting components such as flavonoids, tannins and polyphenols. Known to uplift mood, alleviate stress, promote Weight Loss, enhance skin health, and stimulate hair growth.

Net Weight: 25 g